Councilors and Officers, 2024-2025


Alison Cornish (President; elected term as Councilor, 2017-2020; elected Vice-President by Council, 2018-2019; re-elected as Vice by Council, 2019-2020; elected Acting President by Council, 23 January 2020; ex officio voting Councilor; elected President by Council, 2020-2023; relected by Council, 2023-2026; ex officio voting Councilor)
New York University

Albert Russell Ascoli (Immediate Past President, ex officio non-voting Councilor)
University of California, Berkeley

Alessandro Vettori (Vice President, elected by Council 2023-2024, 2024-2025; elected term as Councilor, 2022-2025)
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Michael Sherberg (Treasurer; appointed term: 2016-2019; reappointed by Council 2019-2022; reappointed by Council 2023-2025; ex officio voting officer)
Washington University St. Louis

Julie Van Peteghem (Secretary; appointed term: 2023-2026; ex officio voting officer)
Hunter College, City University of New York

Kristina Olson (Editor-in-chief, Dante Studies; appointed term: 2024-2029; ex officio non-voting Council member)
George Mason University

Akash Kumar (Editor, Dante Notes; appointed term 2023-2025; ex officio, non-voting Council member)
University of California, Berkeley

Danielle Callegari (Director of Communications; appointed term: 2023-2025; ex officio, non-voting Council member)
Dartmouth College

Elizabeth Coggeshall (Director of Education and Outreach; appointed term 2023-2025; elected term as Councilor: 2020-2023; elected Vice President by Council 2021-2022; re-elected 2022-2023; ex officio non-voting Council member)
Florida State University

Christian Dupont (Archivist, ad hoc 1-year appointment by Council, 2023-2024; reappointed by Council, 2024-2025; Secretary-Librarian, appointed term: 2014-2017, reappointed by Council 2017-2020, reappointed by Council 2020-2023)
Boston College


all voting, elected to three-year terms, beginning and ending in May (note: all other appointments begin and end with the calendar year):

Catherine Adoyo (2022-2025)
University of Richmond

Francesco Ciabattoni (2023-2026)
Georgetown University

Sara Diaz (2023-2026)
Fairfield University

Susanna Barsella (2024-2027)
Fordham University

Martin Eisner (2024-2027)
Duke University

Dante Studies Editorial Board, 2024

Kristina Olson (Editor-in-chief) (2024-2029)
George Mason University

Martin Eisner (2022-2024)
Duke University

Susanna Barsella (2023-2025)
Fordham University

Fabian Alfie (2024-2026)
University of Arizona

Laura Banella (2024-2026)
University of Notre Dame

Anna Wainwright (2024-2026)
University of New Hampshire

Cosette Bruhns Alonso (Managing Editor)
University of Pennsylvania

Dante Notes Editorial Board, 2024

Akash Kumar (Editor) (2023-2025; Associate Editor, 2016-2019; reappointed term 2020-2022)
University of California, Berkeley

Terrence Quinn (Associate Editor) (2021-2023; reappointed term 2024-2026)
St. Louis University High

Lorenzo Dell'Oso (Associate Editor) (2022-2024)
University of Göttingen

Nassime Chida (Associate Editor) (2022-2024)
Duke University

Alyssa Granacki (Associate Editor) (2023-2025)
Colby College

Elizabeth Coggeshall (Associate Editor) (2024-2026)
Florida State University

Education and Outreach Committee, 2024

Ronald Herzman (Chair 2023-2025; Director of Education and Outreach and Chair 2015-2019; reappointed term as Director: 2020-2022)
State University of New York at Geneseo

Elizabeth Coggeshall (2020-2023) (ex officio, as Director of Education and Outreach)
Florida State University

Danielle Callegari (2023-2025) (ex officio, as Director of Communication)
Dartmouth College

Akash Kumar (2023-2025) (ex officio, as Editor of Dante Notes)
University of California, Berkeley

Fabian Alfie (2024) (ex officio, as Chair, Prize Committee)
University of Arizona

Prize Committee, 2024

Fabian Alfie (Chair, 2024; 2021-2023; reappointed 2024)
University of Arizona

Grace Delmolino (2022-2024)
University of California, Davis

Paola Ureni (Chair) (2022-2024; Chair 2023)
College of Staten Island and The Graduate Center, City University of New York (CUNY)

Bibliography Committee, 2024

Anna Wainwright (Chair and Bibliographer) (2019-2022; Chair, 2022; reappointed term as Chair, 2023-2025; appointed as Bibliographer 2024-2025)
University of New Hampshire

Sara Diaz (2023-2025)
Fairfield University

Julie Peteghem (2023-2026 ex officio, as Secretary)
Hunter College, City University of New York

Nominating Committee, 2024

Laura Ingallinella (Chair) (2022-2024)
University of Toronto

Theodore J. Cachey, Jr. (2024-2025)
University of Notre Dame

Christian Dupont (2024-2026)
Boston College

Audit Committee, 2024

Dennis Looney (2022-2024; Chair 2024)
Independent Scholar

Susanna Barsella (2023-2025)
Fordham University

Julie Van Peteghem (2024-2026)
Hunter College, City University of New York

Liaison to the International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo

Jelena Todorović (2024-2026)
University of Wisconsin

Liaison to the Modern Language Association

Anne Leone (2021-2023; reappointed term 2024)
Syracuse University

Liaison to the Renaissance Society of America

Filippo Gianferrari (2021-2023; reappointed term 2024)
University of California, Santa Cruz

Liaison to the American Boccaccio Association

Sara Diaz (2024-2026)
Fairfield University

Liaison to the Society for Italian Studies

Heather Webb (2023-2025)
University of Cambridge

Liaison to the Società Dantesca Italiana

Anna Wainwright (2024-2025)
University of New Hampshire