Councilors and Officers, 2023-2024


Alison Cornish (President; elected term as Councilor, 2017-2020; elected Vice-President by Council, 2018-2019; re-elected as Vice by Council, 2019-2020; elected Acting President by Council, 23 January 2020; ex officio voting Councilor; elected President by Council, 2020-2023; relected by Council, 2023-2026; ex officio voting Councilor)
New York University

Albert Russell Ascoli (Immediate Past President, ex officio non-voting Councilor)
University of California, Berkeley

Alessandro Vettori (Vice President, elected by Council 2023-2024; elected term as Councilor, 2022-2025)
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Michael Sherberg (Treasurer; appointed term: 2016-2019; reappointed by Council 2019-2022; reappointed by Council 2023-2025; ex officio voting officer)
Washington University St. Louis

Julie Van Peteghem (Secretary; appointed term: 2023-2026; ex officio voting officer)
Hunter College, City University of New York

Justin Steinberg (Editor, Dante Studies; appointed term: 2015-2019; reappointed term 2020-2022; reappointed term 2023-2024; ex officio non-voting Council member)
University of Chicago

Akash Kumar (Editor, Dante Notes; appointed term 2023-2025; ex officio, non-voting Council member)
University of California, Berkeley

Danielle Callegari (Director of Communications; appointed term: 2023-2025; ex officio, non-voting Council member)
Dartmouth College

Elizabeth Coggeshall (Director of Education and Outreach; appointed term 2023-2025; elected term as Councilor: 2020-2023; elected Vice President by Council 2021-2022; re-elected 2022-2023; ex officio non-voting Council member)
Florida State University

Christian Dupont (Archivist, ad hoc 1-year appointment by Council, 2023-2024; Secretary-Librarian; appointed term: 2014-2017; reappointed by Council 2017-2020; reappointed by Council 2020-2023)
Boston College


all voting, elected to three-year terms, beginning and ending in May (note: all other appointments begin and end with the calendar year):

Dennis Looney (2021-2024)
Independent Scholar

Jelena Todorović (2021-2024)
University of Wisconsin

Catherine Adoyo (2022-2025)
University of Richmond

Francesco Ciabattoni (2023-2026)
Georgetown University

Sara Diaz (2023-2026)
Fairfield University

Dante Studies Editorial Board, 2023

Justin Steinberg (Editor-in-chief) (2015-2019; reappointed term 2020-2022; reappointed term 2023-2024)
University of Chicago

Kristina Olson (Associate Editor) (2019-2021; reappointed term 2022-2024)
George Mason University

Ronald Martinez (2018-2020; reappointed term 2021-2023)
Brown University

Martin Eisner (2022-2024)
Duke University

Susanna Barsella (2023-2025)
Fordham University

Fabian Alfie (2024-2026)
University of Arizona

Anna Wainwright (2024-2026)
University of New Hampshire

Cosette Bruhns Alonso (Editorial Assistant)
University of Pennsylvania

Dante Notes Editorial Board, 2023

Akash Kumar (Editor) (2023-2025; Associate Editor, 2016-2019; reappointed term 2020-2022)
University of California, Berkeley

Francesco Ciabattoni (Associate Editor) (2016-2019; reappointed term 2020-2022; reappointed term 2023-2025)
Georgetown University

Terrence Quinn (Associate Editor) (2021-2023)
St. Louis University High

Lorenzo Dell'Oso (Associate Editor) (2022-2024)
University of Göttingen

Nassime Chida (Associate Editor) (2022-2024)
Duke University

Alyssa Granacki (Associate Editor) (2023-2025)
Colby College

Education and Outreach Committee, 2023

Ronald Herzman (Chair 2023-2025; Director of Education and Outreach and Chair 2015-2019; reappointed term as Director: 2020-2022)
State University of New York at Geneseo

Elizabeth Coggeshall (2020-2023) (ex officio, as Director of Education and Outreach)
Florida State University

Danielle Callegari (2023-2025) (ex officio, as Director of Communication)
Dartmouth College

Akash Kumar (2023-2025) (ex officio, as Editor of Dante Notes)
University of California, Berkeley

Paola Ureni (2023) (ex officio, as Chair, Prize Committee)
Graduate Center, City University of New York (CUNY)

Prize Committee, 2023

Paola Ureni (Chair) (2022-2024; Chair 2023)
College of Staten Island and The Graduate Center, City University of New York (CUNY)

Fabian Alfie (2021-2023)
University of Arizona

Grace Delmolino (2022-2024)
University of California, Davis

Bibliography Committee, 2023

Anna Wainwright (Chair) (2019-2022; Chair, 2022; reappointed term as Chair, 2023-2025)
University of New Hampshire

Elisa Brilli (2017-2020; reappointed term 2021; Chair and Bibliographer 2019-2021; reappointed term 2022-2023)
University of Toronto

Sara Diaz (2023-2025)
Fairfield University

Christian Dupont (2017-2023; ex officio, as Secretary-Librarian)
Boston College

Nominating Committee, 2024

Laura Ingallinella (Chair) (2022-2024)
University of Toronto

Theodore J. Cachey, Jr. (2024-2025)
University of Notre Dame

Christian Dupont (2024-2026)
Boston College

Audit Committee, 2024

Dennis Looney (2022-2024; Chair 2024)
Independent Scholar

Susanna Barsella (2023-2025)
Fordham University

Julie Van Peteghem (2024-2026))
Hunter College, City University of New York

Liaison to the International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo

Jelena Todorović (2024-2026)
University of Wisconsin

Liaison to the Modern Language Association

Anne Leone (2021-2023; reappointed term 2024)
Syracuse University

Liaison to the Renaissance Society of America

Filippo Gianferrari (2021-2023; reappointed term 2024)
University of California, Santa Cruz

Liaison to the American Boccaccio Association

Maggie Fritz-Morkin (2022-2024)
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Liaison to the Society for Italian Studies

Heather Webb (2023-2025)
University of Cambridge

Liaison to the Società Dantesca Italiana

Elisa Brilli (2018-2021; reappointed term 2022-2024)
University of Toronto