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Since 1953, an annual bibliography of American Dante Studies has been published as an appendix to Dante Studies, the annual journal of the Dante Society. As a convenience to our members and other scholars, freely downloadable PDF and Microsoft Word versions of the contents of these annual bibliographies are presented here, along with browsable HTML versions.  

Use the above search box to search across all the annual bibliographies by keyword(s). You can use Boolean AND/OR/NOT operators and search for names and phrases by enclosing them in quotes (e.g., "Pellegrini, Anthony"). Search terms will be highlighted in the search results listing, but once you click on the heading to open the individual bibliography file, you'll need to use the "find on page" feature in your browser (e.g., CTRL-F) to skip down the matching term(s).

The bibliographies include all publications relating to Dante (books, articles, translations, reviews) written by North American writers or published in North America for the calendar year, as well as reviews of books from elsewhere published in the United States and Canada. We are grateful to former Dante Studies editor Richard Lansing for preparing electronic versions of the annual bibiographies and to Dominic Ferrante for mounting them on this website. In the process, addenda to the listings that appeared in Dante Studies were incorporated with their corresponding years and all formatting made consistent. The 2015 bibliography was compiled by Danielle Callegari and edited by Elisa Brilli.

For additional bibliographical coverage, we recommend the Bibliografia Dantesca Internazionale (BDI; International Dante Bibliography) maintained by the Società Dantesca Italiana. It, too, includes citations for Dante criticism published in North America and may be both browsed by topic or by Dante's works, or searched by keyword and date range:

On March 23, 2017, the Dante Society of America and the Società Dantesca Italiana signed a partnership agreement to collaborate on the production of a new, bilingual version of the Bibliografia Dantesca Internazionale/International Dante Bibliography, with enhanced search capabilities. By the end of 2017, this powerful bibliographical instrument will integrate the materials published in our annual American Dante Bibliography, which will also continue to appear separately here. Please refer to the partnership announcement for further details.

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